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Sharon Manser

Dear Jacci

Thank you for an unforgettable Live the Land experience.

Our 12 days in The Holy Land met all my expectations and more, despite a few hiccups which are inevitable.  Its really hard to sum it all up:   a cacophony of people, food, sites, experiences, noise,  information and emotions. Tiring, brain overload, fun, and wonderful.  It really is a Live the Land experience – visiting  the Druze people and  Bedouin people and cultures. The foods of the Arabic people and Jewish Shabbat. The travel in time from Roman / biblical ruins to the modern city of Jerusalem.  An unforgettable stay in the Old City. Sailing on the Galilee and a camel ride in the desert. Cable car rides and the quiet time of an afternoon retreat. Visiting the significant biblical sites and getting a new perspective on the stories with which we are so familiar. Trying to get my head around the complicated politics – past and present, of Israel, and engaging with the local people.

It was amazing and unforgettable.  And amidst all the business, you find time to gently touch base with each person in the group, and add a special personal touch of little gifts all along the way.  Right down to a call the day after we came home, just to enquire how we were adjusting to “the real world”.

Jacci, you have a unique, special approach to showcasing Israel and it was a great blessing and privilege to have been part of such a tour. 

May you continue to grow.

God Bless you richly in this special ministry He has given you. 

Love, Sharon Manser

(Friday 25 October 2013)