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Lesley Helfer

Well done, Jacci!

Our small group of ten tourists, Jacci & a delightful selection of three careful bus drivers made for flexibility, friendship & fun as we discovered the land which Jesus called “home”.

We visited the places where He walked & taught His disciples.  We sailed with the fishermen on the Sea of Galilee.  We came to understand the many complexities in the history & peoples of Jerusalem.

In places of deep Christian significance, like the Garden Tomb, we broke bread & experienced Jesus with us in a tangible way.  On two occasions we were privileged to join in worship with Christians from other parts of the world, other languages & other cultures.  It was exciting to discover the unifying key – Jesus in the centre.

Jacci, your knowledge of the land of Israel & its people in these modern times is also outstanding.  It gives Live the Land Tours a special meaningful flavor as we not only lived the land but met the people – from Christians, to Jews, to Moslems; from kibbutz workers to Bedouins.

Both in a spiritual & in a physical sense we have “lived the land” for the past two weeks.  Thank you, Jacci, for having given us so much of yourself & for having shared so many aspects of your love of Israel with us.

Finally, what a blessing to have a leader who, while on tour, demonstrated the love, joy & care of Jesus daily, in her personal relationships!

Lesley Helfer

(Tuesday 11 November 2014)