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Ingrith Roberts

 Live the Land Tours suggests that there are opportunities to, not only be a tourist and see the many interesting places, but to go beyond and get to know more.  Standing on corners being able to watch the 'buzz' of the local people, and tourists, go by, takes time and encouragement from the tour leader.

Visiting some of the local people for refreshments and chats was something really special. Shop keepers who treat one, not only as money in the pocket, but as special was energising. This was due to Jacci, on previous tours and her time spent in Israel networking and getting to know people personally. She has built up a repertoire of friends who are excited to see her on her return to their land.

Of course we enjoyed the hotels, but to stay at the Bedouin camp was truly out of this world! The backpackers stay brought us into contact with other tourists who we recognised during our trips and this developed international bonds - perhaps not lasting but a sense of warmth at sharing our experiences.  I was interested in the conservation and development of the land.

Jacci adapted the programme to enable us to visit a Kibbutz. It was wonderful and enjoyed by all. This gives strength to any tour leader to being flexible without breaking - and yes, we did have to hurry up on some things to make up for the visit, but we did it! Being a small group we were able to see and experience so much more. Moving to and from the bus to the site was quick with few delays. Up close and personal is what I would call Live The Land Tours."      

Love Ings

(Monday 01 December 2014)