Places We Tour

Our tours...
All of our tours are experiential tours, designed in such a way as to immerse you in the culture of whichever country we tour in.  We do not want you to be an observer or spectator - we want you to be a participant and experience it with us.

We invite you to truly Live The Land with us.

Our most iconic and life-changing tour...          ISRAEL

This is our oldest and most established tour.  During the course of several tours to Israel since 2009, Jacci has cultivated an amazing network of contacts who have become good friends.  This enables her to not only ensure that her Clients are safe and well-looked after during their tour, but also that they have the absolute best possible experience imaginable.

As a believer in Jesus, Jacci is familiar with the correlations between the Bible and all of the actual, physical locations of the events of Jesus' life and his journey through The Holy Land.  She designs her tours in such a way as to be able to point these locations out and also has knowledge of the Jewish, Druze and Arabic connotations to specific sites and historical events.

For more information on this extremely unique tour, click on this link:  ISRAEL

Egypt tour...                                                 EGYPT

Frequently leading tours to Israel since 2009, Jacci established numerous connections with tour operators and travel agents in Egypt as well.  They have all invited her to design a tour - similar to her well-established tour of The Holy Land - in Egypt, and this has now been done.  The final stages of confirmation for this tour-design is happening during the first half of June 2016, and Jacci will be in Egypt, confirming final arrangements, itineraries, prices, etc.

The first official Egypt-tour will take place at the end of June 2016.

For more information on this exciting new tour, click on this link:  EGYPT

Our local tour...                               KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Our local tour is something special, and is specifically designed to give our international clients the best experiences of this wonderful country, including historical, cultural, political wildlife, and nature-orientated destinations and events.  This tour will truly educate and immerse our clients in the historical development and establishment of KwaZulu-Natal, including a visit to major cultural and political commemorative sites, visits to historical places and towns, as well as exposure to local indigenous culture.  This is rounded off with a visit to one of the local nature reserves.

For more information on this exciting tour, click on this link:  KZN SA