How It Works

So!  ...What are you waiting for!

You'd like to join us for the experience of a lifetime?  Great!

What now, when, where & how...?

First, (Step 1) Contact Jacci, and inform her you want to join us on a tour, specifying the tour you would like to go on...

Simply click on this link to send her a mail...

As soon as she receives your mail, she will respond and reply.  a Registration and Information Form will be mailed, to be completed.  This Registration and Information Form will also contain information as to the price of the tour, including all possible additional costs, if any.  A preliminary departure and return date will also be provided...preliminary, because final booked dates are subject to airline-availability, etc.

Next, (Step 2)

You return the completed Registration and Information Form, together with:
  • your proof of payment (Payment Notification - only EFT payments accepted) of the deposit paid (minimum 50% of the quoted tour-price)
  • a scanned copy of your valid passport (passport has to be valid for six months beyond the intended date of departure from South Africa)
  • Jacci will acknowledge receipt of the same.

Then, (Step 3)

The final due date for the balance of the tour-price is exactly three calendar months before the intended 
departure date.  For instance, if the departure date is 21 October, the final due date would be 21 July of the same year...

As soon as this balance is paid, Jacci will acknowledge receipt of the same and forward a Visa-application form to you to complete (if necessary.  Visas would only be required if you are staying over in Egypt.  S.A. Passports: Visas are not required for Israel), as well as an accompanying instruction-document on how to do this correctly, so it is not rejected by the embassy.

She will then contact you to make arrangements to receive your completed Visa-application (again, only if necessary), as well as your actual passport, so she can verify that all details are correct and complete, and present the same to the Embassy.  Courier costs will apply.  You are
welcome to apply for your own visas - ask, and follow the instructions.

Flight Tickets  (Step 4)

Flight tickets will then be booked and paid for, and the same forwarded to you as soon as it is received.

All flights will be booked as close as possible in accordance with the intended tour dates.  It does however sometimes occur that flights have to be moved up or postponed by a day or two, depending on availability of the airline, scheduled flights, etc.

You will be kept informed of any such changes (if any) throughout the entire process.

Should you need to make changes to your flight ticket, once it is booked, it would be at your cost.

Travel Insurance Quotations (Step 5)

are then obtained specifically for the purpose of your tour, based on the information provided by you.  The proposed travel insurance policies are fully comprehensive, and are designed specifically with the destination and type of tour in mind.  Special group- and family rates may apply.

These policies are not compulsory, but strongly recommended, as they are custom-designed, and provide you with cover for every possible eventuality for which insurance may be required after the fact.

You are - however - more than welcome to obtain your own travel-insurance.

Should you be satisfied with the provided quote, simply pay the amount quoted by EFT, and forward the Payment Notification to Jacci.

Final Itinerary & Tour Schedule (Step 6)

Now, you sit back, relax, and wait in eager anticipation for your tour-date to finally arrive.

Jacci will be communicating with you during this time, providing you with all sorts of information, etc...